Welcome to Snack Savvy

Snack Savvy is an innovative, health focused snack and drink vending operation based in Melbourne. Adam and Alisa founded the Snack Savvy vending company in 2010 with a passion to aid healthy living through increased availability and convenience of healthier snack options.

The ‘better for you’ range of snacks and drinks is growing day-by-day, developed by an ever increasing number of companies, and we enjoy working with these innovative companies in order to bring these great products conveniently to the health conscious ‘savvy’ snacker. That’s you!

Snack Savvy Goals:

  • Provide a healthier alternative in the convenience food industry;
  • Raise awareness of new tasty healthier snack and drink alternatives;
  • Support health food businesses by providing a direct route to the consumer; and
  • Improve the standard of vending machine services.

We are an innovative business so if you have any ideas for us please get in touch.

Snack Savvy Vending Company





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